Archives Without Border & CITRA 2010 Conference Reports – Availability?

On August 30-31, the Flemish association for archivists and librarians (VVBAD) and the Dutch association for archivists (KVAN) organized a congress titled “Archives without Borders.”  One of the themes was human rights and archives, and the program included reports on activities in Bangladesh, Chile, El Salvador, Morocco, Australia, Cambodia, Australia, Norway and Congo.

I intended on attending this conference as a student but was not able to due to a lack of funding and change in travel plans.  The ICA, however, has stated that the organizers of the event will publish the conference papers.  If  anyone has information as to when or where these will be made available, I would really appreciate it if you could share that information.  The congress’ programme is already available on their website for those interested.

In other news, the ICA’s International Conference of the Round Table on Archives met in Oslo in September (CITRA 2010 Oslo).  This conference program also included papers on archives and human rights.  This is a “by invitation only” event.  But there were some topics that the ICA is promoting to its followers of its Human Rights Working Group.  Randall Jimerson’s “Archives Power and the Digital Future:  Supporting Democracy and Human Rights,” is one.  There are also papers exploring the problem of displaced archives and the work of the Fundacion de Documentacion y Archivo de la Vicaria de la Solidaridad in Chile and the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa.  Likewise, if anyone know where a copy of these papers may be accessed, it would be most appreciated if that could be posted here under the comments.


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