OECD Publication – Trends Shaping Education 2010

This new publication released yesterday compiles international statistical data on the effects of changing factors on education (read the OECD’s description of the publication).  The discussion of the evidence presents changes in education systems around the globe over the last few decades.  But of particular interest is the section on ICT.  The rapid rise of the internet, its use and access (which the publication makes distinct from one another), poses some old questions on capacity, participatory/collaborative models and how it is affecting established disciplines of knowledge organization.

I don’t know that this publication directly addresses how students, instituitions, and household users can engage with digital materials “in an informed way” for learning purposes.  But as always, OECD resources are excellent sources for statistical information.  The publication makes several forecasts based on the trends, such as the obvious move to universal internet use which will inevitably change the standards of learning and teaching.

Read publication


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