Rwanda unveils Genocide Archive

An ambitious hi-tech project to make the Rwandan genocide one of the
most thoroughly documented mass killings ever was unveiled in
Kigali last Friday.

The Genocide Archive of Rwanda will serve as a “unified repository”
for all information related to the 1994 massacres, which saw about
800,000 people killed in 100 days, mostly from the minority Tutsi

Located at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where tens of thousands of victims are buried, the new facility will initially hold 1,500 audiovisual recordings and more than 20,000 documents and photographs.

This project is an example of the development of digital memorials and makes use of current technology, such as geographical mapping, to organize data according to geography.  The questions of records dispersion in the digital environment, and records appraisal strategy are not explored in these articles.

Read The Guardian article

Read HURIDOCS article


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