Files in Hungarian National Archives Threatened

There is a problematic piece of legislation in Hungary which if passed, proposes the destruction of archives pertaining to the Communist era in Hungary.

In December 2010, Hungary’s parliamentary secretary for justice announced that his government believes that a democratic state cannot “preserve the immoral documents of an immoral regime.”  By November 2011, the Government of Hungary plans to introduce legislation that will permit the removal and destruction of Hungarian communist secret police, interior ministry and state security files currently held at the Historical Archives of Hungarian State Security in Budapest, and available to researchers, as well as to survivors and effected communities.

800 supporters thus far have signed a petition against the proposed legislation on the blog site Save Hungary’s Archives. Here in Canada, the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) and the National Post have made efforts to spotlight the injustice of sanitizing the archives in this way.

Read CHA article

Read National Post article

Sign the petition


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  1. #1 by Christopher Adam on February 23, 2011 - 8:59 am

    Many thanks for posting this to your blog! Support from Canadian archivists, historians and other academics is much appreciated and has played a key role in attracting more than 1,000 signatures, as of this morning. Thank you!

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