Kuwait’s Missing National Archives

In an article released today in the online journal, Jurist, Douglas Cox of the City University of New York School of Law and of the blog, Documentation Exploitation, laments the still missing historical records of Kuwait. Cox brings attention to the issue as the last of US troops have left Iraq.  The Kuwaiti archives disappeared during the time of the 1990 invasion by Iraq and efforts to locate and repatriate the archives began in 2003 with a UN Security Council resolution.

Records relating to the whereabouts and final fate of the Kuwaiti archives are believed to lay in certain caches of Iraqi files and documents in US custody.  Last November it was reported that the Iraqi government was prepared to hand over some of the archives that it had looted back to Kuwaiti officials.  However, it seems that this does not include those in US custody.  Cox has reason to believe that Iraqi documents seized by the US during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom potentially hold clues.  In his article, Cox implores the US government and the UN Security Council to assist the Iraqi government in restoring Kuwait with its historical memory…

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