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Dear Readers,

After much thought it is not without regret for me to say that I am putting this blog out to pasture.  Over the last several months I moved to Norway and found a job here which is so far removed from where I started off professionally with respect to my aspirational interests as reflected in this blog.  As such, I’ve found it difficult to maintain this site while my job occupies so much of my days.

I feel it is necessary to tell past and future followers of this blog that I am retiring the blog because I am still often contacted by many out there interested in being involved in one form or another of human rights documentation.  It was my hope to relegate slowly from the fore of being the sole writer of posts here and delegate stories and forums to someone or a few on whom I could trust to maintain the spirit and integrity of the blog.  I also hoped that from time to time, in the background, I could check back and continue to maintain the vision of Archivists Watch.  But even this I haven’t had the time to carry out.  In any event, there are sites out there already that do this job quite well and I have littered my blog with posts about their activities.

Going forward, should any of you ever wish to contribute regularly, or irregularly for that matter, or start a web forum through this blog, please do not hesitate to express your interest to me.  I want Archivisits Watch to live on even if it means passing this blog on to someone else and no longer being there 100% of the time.

Thank you for reading.


Aileen Cornelio


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