Aileen Rose Cornelio, AW Creator

I am an independent researcher in the field of archives and records management and a current member of the ICA. I have a Master of Information Studies from the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto (the iSchool).  My past experiences include projects and work with Human Rights Watch, the G8 Information Centre, the UN Archives & Records Management Section (UN ARMS), and the Government of Canada. Currently, I volunteer with the ICA’s Human Rights Working Group (ICA HRWG) on their archives directory project as Project Co-Director.

Although I hail from the Canadian archival tradition, this forum is also committed to addressing relevant topics in the international realm.  It is my intention to develop a rich understanding of how organization of information encourages peace and facilitates knowledge sharing.  Professionally I am interested in the role that archives and records play in civil society, international development efforts, and human rights issues.  Information and knowledge inform the education and cultural identity of citizens, and establish transparency and accountability in those in positions of authority. There are issues to be explored such as the impacts of access, visibility, and connectivity with digital archives and databases to local communities which are systematically disadvantaged. As an information professional I plan to keep abreast of how information production and use can democratize communities and societies.  I am interested in pioneering efforts that advocate for better information practices to serve underprivileged groups whom may be disadvantaged due to the bottlenecks of poor infrastructure, lack of ICT or networks, and/or simply because of illiteracy.

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