AW Vision

In the spirit of defending of human rights and for the activist in all of us information professionals out there, this is a forum from which debate may be fomented, resolutions found, and new ideas born. This is a place where archives, records, and information come alive to uphold and protect human rights, which transcend age, gender, race, and borders.

In an ideal world, the archive, whether a virtual or physical space, can open up and continue the dialogue for those whom the events remain a living and/or historical memory. It is a platform for ongoing dialogue between the records and the people affected by the events stated therein, well after the wars, persecutions, judicial processes, tribunals, or commissions have disbanded.

The integrity and evidential quality of records give them a unique role as tools for social agency and advocacy in national or international human rights matters. Sadly this role has yet to be well-recognized. Many professional associations have yet to address the challenge of integrating human rights into archival standard practices, outreach programs, and services. At the pace with which digital archives and databases grow, this deficiency will demand more attention from information professionals to create meaningful applications out of the burgeoning technology in order to facilitate cultural dialogue, reconciliation, good governance, legal accountability, and the general improvement of lives because of better access to information.

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