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32nd Meeting of European Coordination Committee on Human Rights Documentation to be hosted by Open Society Archives

The Secretariat for the European Coordination Committee on Human Rights Documentation (ECCHRD), in collaboration with the Open Society Archives (OSA) and HURIDOCS, announced its invitation to the 32nd meeting of the ECCHRD.

The ECCHRD is the European network within the HURIDOCS global network of documentalists and librarians of human rights organizations.  The aim of this network is to improve access and dissemination of public information on human rights through more effective, appropriate and compatible methods and techniques of information handling.

The meeting brings together persons working on documentation, information, and communication within human rights organizations and institutions and is used to discuss human rights documentation issues such as developing standards in human rights documentation and the usage of new information technologies in the human rights documentation context. The meeting aims to build and strengthen the cooperation among European human rights documentation institutions.

This year, the OSA will be hosting the meeting in Budapest, Hungary on May 30-31.  A major topic this year is open source library management systems.  See the list of systems compiled by Daniel D’Esposito of HURIDOCS here.

Read meeting invitation

Read meeting agenda

Meeting registration here


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Making Sense of the Information Wilderness: Library and Information Services for the Improvement of Human Rights Work

This week I am featuring a few publication resources brought to the attention of AW by the organization New Tactics in Human Rights.  Below is some information on the first of these publications-Making Sense of Information Wilderness: Library & Information Services for the Improvement of Human Rights Work.

Sometimes institutional strengthening tactics applied inside an organization improve the way human rights practitioners do their work and what they can do. Organizations that use their resources effectively, can more effectively advance human rights work.  In this notebook, the experience of the Human Rights Centre at the University of Sarajevo is presented.  They built a strong information system and central role for an information specialist or librarian.  The utilization of this information system and information specialist’s skills allowed other staff to better, and more productively, focus on their core programmatic missions.  Although the Human Rights Centre is now a fairly large and relatively well-funded organization, the tactic explained in this notebook presents ideas in a way that nearly any group doing human rights work could apply this organizational strengthening tactic.

The notebook is currently available in English, Turkish, and Bangla…

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