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Segregation Era Documents Project

A project is underway to preserve African-American history in the state of Virginia.  The Desegregation of Virginia Education (DOVE) project, spearheaded by Old Dominion University archivist, Sonia Yaco, is enlisting help from the public in collecting historical material such as oral histories and photographs.  An article from a local paper in Richmond, Virginia, claims that civil rights history in the state has largely been neglected in schools across the state…

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UNESCO World Report: Investing in Cultural Divervsity & Intercultural Dialogue

This report reaffirms the UN’s proclaimed human rights and the principles of democratic governance. The acknowledgment of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue help to defuse the tensions that can arise in multicultural societies when a majority and minorities confront each other over recognition of their rights. What favours cultural diversity is a governance of reconciliation, which is the surest guarantee of peace.

Areas of particular interest in the publication include a section on intercultural dialogue as well as some statistics on telecommunications access in the appendix.

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OECD Publication – Trends Shaping Education 2010

This new publication released yesterday compiles international statistical data on the effects of changing factors on education (read the OECD’s description of the publication).  The discussion of the evidence presents changes in education systems around the globe over the last few decades.  But of particular interest is the section on ICT.  The rapid rise of the internet, its use and access (which the publication makes distinct from one another), poses some old questions on capacity, participatory/collaborative models and how it is affecting established disciplines of knowledge organization.

I don’t know that this publication directly addresses how students, instituitions, and household users can engage with digital materials “in an informed way” for learning purposes.  But as always, OECD resources are excellent sources for statistical information.  The publication makes several forecasts based on the trends, such as the obvious move to universal internet use which will inevitably change the standards of learning and teaching.

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RIMAW 2010 – Africa’s first Dedicated Information Management & Security Event

I post this event announcement a month too late (the event took place on August 27, 2010).  However, anyone aware of my interests know that the advancement of information access practices in this part of the world is of particular interest to me.  This event focused on information management’s role in security issues.  I want to share the discussion post I received below from ARMA International:

The Records and Information Management Awareness Workshop & Exposition Africa (RIMAW 2010), where information management and security professionals address the trends and challenges of today whilst tapping into the huge potentials of the IMS market in Africa.

Connect and contribute in the unrivalled free education programme in Africa, where prominent global experts excite debate and industry practitioners share case study experiences. Enjoy the vibrant ambiance where international solution providers like you showcase current and emerging technologies and deliver practical, professional & technical expertise that proffers solutions to information management and security business challenges.

Why Exhibit?
RIMAW Africa provides the fastest path to market your current products or services to the emerging IM market in Africa and is the perfect promotional platform/avenue, with captivating audience who has immediate purchasing needs. Meet directly with your market and build on current or new partnerships in the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of RIMAW 2010 Africa.

Be sure to follow this organization if you would like to register and/or participate in this event next year.

Photos of this event are posted on RIMA’s Facebook page.

Visit RIMA’s homepage.

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UNESCO Publishes “ICT Transforming Education: a Regional Guide”

This rough guide is published by UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.  The publication specifically targets education practices in the Asia-Pacific region.  As the preface states, as advances have been made in e-learning and Web 2.0 technologies, educators are capitalizing on these readily available technology applications to redesign learning in the classroom.

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